Monday, 17 October 2011

Organization: STARTING TODAY!


Before I go rambling on to much, I thought I would introduce myself to y'all.
I am an aspiring 'supermum'. A sometimes loving wife. A pain in the ass to most. AND a person that has far to much time on her hands, yet never manages to finish a single thing.
So to break that down - I have one of the hardest jobs on earth - I'm raising two beautiful little people, and I'm also a wife to my darling husband and best friend *he truly does put up with me*.

To others, we're just another average
Australian family <3


{{Really do need an updated family picture - taken 1st July 2010}}
Although I/we try to keep things relatively sane around here, which is extremely hard at times - I've come up with a plan to change that.....which is where this post comes into effect. Starting today, I have decided *and determined to see it through* to make up my own 'Life Planner'. This will contain meal planning, weekly/monthly overviews, To-Do lists, important dates, right through to our 'goals' and emergency numbers. 

Come back soon and check out how my planner is going

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