Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Daydreaming for my *to be* house

Antony and I have been looking at houses, and house hunting for awhile now - I've become sooo house obsessed its depressing. I've been bulling him into seeing open houses, making him stop on the side of the road when I see a 'FOR SALE' sign, leaving him with the two children at home for hours on end, while I go look at open houses, since he has become anything but willing recently . Don't get me wrong - We both want a house, but he doesn't like to look. Hes the kind of man that does into a shop with a shopping list, and is 'in and out'.

I've resorted to daydream of my ideal house - 'Pinterest' is a great tool for something like this. If you have a Pinterest account, please feel free to add me - pinterest.com/keta

In all my 'pinning', I've noticed an emerging theme: Grey
Anything grey/yellow, grey/aqua, grey/white/black
I love it all - God help me when we do finally buy - I'm going to be spending up big and refurnishing our entire house - That's a promise!

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