Monday, 30 January 2012

Clean Freak

So its come to my attention that I'm a total clean freak! Clean Freak is something I would NOT describe myself as, if anything, I feel as though I need to be more organised and clean more *gives a sideward gaze*

Growing up in a very...Very disfunctional house with a single middle-aged mother, and two teenage brothers, I always assumed 'Is is what life is'. I  remember cleaning my room and making my own bed, even at the ripe age of about 5 or 6. I loved that, regardless of what was going on around me, I had my little 'slice of perfection'. All my things had a place - a home.

Now having children of my own, I don't want them to think disfunctional is 'normal'. I'm very passionate about cleaning, and organisation with them both *sometimes i question myself if im doing enough?*- We have rules to be followed, chores (Yes they have chores at their age) They have responsibilities and rewards for if do them also.

What brought this whole post on, was - I was surfing Facebook as I do, and a business that I adore Cheeky Pickle ask her 'likers':

'Who would you hire? A cleaner, gardener, someone to do all the ironing or a cook who will cook all meals and feed the kids too? Oooh, a hard decision.......Who would YOU hire?'

After posting my 'thoughts' on her question, It made me really think - REALLYY THINK.
I've now come to realise that I don't think, but know I'm a huge, uber, freaky CLEAN FREAK!

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